CNU is operating under normal conditions.

Updated: 08/28/2016 3:51 PM

The University, through its Emergency Policy Group, is monitoring Hurricane Hermine. This storm, which will be traveling across Florida, Georgia and up the East Coast over the next few days, is likely to bring strong winds and heavy rains to our area. You should stay indoors once Hermine approaches Hampton Roads, which is expected to be on Saturday. It is for this reason we have rescheduled Saturday’s home football game vs. Kean to Sunday at 1 p.m.

While the university is prepared to manage the storm, it is always a good practice for students to take basic preparedness steps of their own. For instance, any home (including your dorm room) should have flashlights and batteries. You can also have non-perishable foods. You should always be prepared for how power outages may impact your routine.

As is the case with any storm, the path and strength of Hermine may very well change over the next several days. The Emergency Policy Group will continue closely monitoring the situation. Please be sure to check for updated messages, which will be sent as needed. If you have not yet registered for text alerts, which are only sent in case of emergency, you can do so on while getting the most recent weather information.

Christopher Newport University's Emergency Notifications System:

There are two primary electronic communication methods.

In the event of a real-time emergency (tornado, shooter, etc...) where students, faculty and staff need to take immediate action, a text message will be sent via this alert system. Other system components such as, email, calls to landline and cell phones, social media, and internal computer overrides may also be used. This type of communication will go to all individuals registered in the cnualert system.

In all other cases where there is not an emergency or immediate threat, information will be sent by email to Christopher Newport University students, faculty and staff via the email system. This notification is intended only for members of the Christopher Newport University community who attend classes or work on campus so that they may make plans regarding their daily activities.